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3 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Apps that you should apply in Aquaculture

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When companies seek to boost their operations, the efforts should always be supported by systems and technology that adapt to the processes and help them track and monitor their performance. This blog intends to highlight some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business apps (Finance and Supply Chain Management) at companies in the aquaculture industry. I will provide evidence on how they can take advantage of the system functionalities to impact their processes positively.

Flexibility for Inbound and Outbound order issuing

Organizations in the aquaculture sphere expect a wide range of elements from an ERP system to assist their procurement tasks efficiently. Going from purchase requisitions to purchase order creation and processing, covering vendor agreements, ensuring purchasing policies and enabling landed costs added to the purchased items comprise some of the main requirements in a production environment. Similarly, the outbound transactions must support the correct processing of the sales orders and returns, relying on advanced warehousing capabilities and facilitating the traceability of the delivered goods. The Microsoft ecosystem utilizes solutions like Power BI to enrich the Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management reports and data visualizations. It simplifies the analysis of the inbound and outbound operations performance and helps the involved personnel to make data-driven decisions.

Robust cost structure

One of the most relevant features of an ERP system is to have the capability to model the organization’s processes. Whether it is about a company that farms aquatic organisms in natural habitats or runs farming, processing, and packaging in onshore facilities, the system functionalities should incorporate tools that allow the execution of the operations in a standardized fashion.

On top of that, all the associated costs and production accounting records should be aligned with the financial policies. Regardless of the costing model followed by the company, the production control features shall enable the correct cost accounting, adding,  for instance, labor and overhead components to the cost of the inputs (eggs, oxygen, feed, etc.) to reach a more extensive cost structure. Keeping track of the production costs, identifying and addressing outliers results in adopting best practices to optimize the resources and operations.

Inventory visibility across companies

Organizations operating in separate geographies and carrying out intercompany transactions demand capabilities from an ERP system like:

  • Visibility of the inventory position.
  • Traceability of the intercompany purchase and sales orders.
  • Coordination to timely harvest, process, and deliver the goods.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management adequately addresses these and other industry requirements for administering intercompany operations. Plus, features like Consignment Inventory and Inventory cycle counting provide organizations with the adjustability, support, and control to maintain their inventory integrity. All this generates a well-informed environment to enhance inventory allocation decision making and meet the customer needs.

To conclude, an ecosystem like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Apps provides companies with versatile tools and functionalities that address specific demands of the aquaculture industry. The system assists enterprises like seafood and fish farming in monitoring and boosting their operations, gaining visibility and efficiency across the value chain processes.

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