Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some doubts? Here are the answers to the FAQ to help you understand more about Dynamics 365 Human Resources. 

Does Microsoft have an HR system?

Yes, Microsoft has an HR system called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (HR). Dynamics 365 HR is a user-friendly and flexible cloud-based HR management system that helps organizations manage their HR processes, including employee data, benefits, payroll, and performance. 


This solution can be integrated with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications and numerous third-party systems to provide a comprehensive HR management solution.


Dynamics 365 Human Resources includes various tools and capabilities to help HR professionals manage their operations efficiently while gaining insights into HR metrics.

How to use Dynamics 365 Human Resources

To use Dynamics 365 Human Resources, you must have a Dynamics 365 HR account and access to the system. 


Once you have an account and access Dynamics 365 HR, you can log in to the platform using your Microsoft account or the login credentials provided by your HR department or system administrator.


Once logged in, you can use the many features and tools available in Dynamics 365 Human Resources (such as managing employee data, improving employee engagement, automating HR processes, and gaining insights into HR metrics).


You might experience some limitations due to your role responsibilities and the permissions granted to you. 


You may need to consult your partner, HR department, or system administrator for guidance on using specific tools or features within the system.

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How can this solution help you redefine human resources administration?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help redefine HR administration by providing a comprehensive platform for managing employee data, boosting productivity, enhancing talent management and talent hunting, and administering benefits, payroll, performance, and more.

What are the most important Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources integrations?

The most important integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources depend on an organization’s specific needs and requirements. However, these are some of the most relevant and valuable in general:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations:

    This integration enables the HR department to manage payroll and benefits aligned with the finance and operations team.

  • Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Teams:

    It allows HR to manage employee email and calendar appointments within the Dynamics 365 HR system. Additionally, employees and the HR department can visualize and manage absences, permits, and other special requests with an easy-to-use app on Teams.

  • Third-party HR systems:

    Dynamics 365 HR can also be integrated with several third-party HR systems, including applicant tracking systems (ATS), learning management systems (LMS), and employee engagement platforms. It enables HR to control all aspects of the employee lifecycle within a single platform.

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Key features

Dynamics 365 <br> Human Resources 7

Attract the right talent

  • Accelerate the speed and accuracy of acceptance, deliver candidates with the appropriate qualifications, and track the ones who will be effective future hires. Seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and Office 365 with up-to-date applicant profiles, get insights on their abilities, competencies, and interview feedback.
Dynamics 365 <br> Human Resources 8

Customized onboarding plans

  • Accelerate newly hired people’s productivity, integrating them into your organization, defining roles, responsibilities, and objectives to focus on. Learn from different departments offering training resources, organization charts, and tips while optimizing essential Human Resources tasks with centralized information and automated tasks, delivering effective processes with increased organizational agility.
Dynamics 365 <br> Human Resources 9

Organizational agility

  • Using an intuitive and customizable interface helps your business quickly adapt with a secure, scalable, and connected solution that accurately reflects hierarchical structures and job descriptions while managing personnel to organize your workforce across your entire company in a single environment. Keep information about departments, jobs, positions, and other organizational human resource elements.
Dynamics 365 <br> Human Resources 10

Improve productivity

  • Automate critical processes utilizing workflows with built-in business process automation and performance management. Document and manage performance to provide better guidance and feedback to employees based on goals, reviews, and performance journals. Transform data into easy-to-read dashboards with Power BI and gain better visibility to improve human resource processes.
Dynamics 365 <br> Human Resources 11

Optimize programs

  • Improve benefit, compensation, certification, training, and payroll programs by adding defined guidelines and adjustments that can be proved before being applied within the customizable solution. You can also simplify leave and absence reporting compliance with global FMLA and ADA regulations.
Dynamics 365 <br> Human Resources 12

Manage benefits

  • Define and configure easy-to-update benefit plans and programs in Dynamics 365 Human Resources using a self-service enrollment process. It's enabled to help businesses with benefit groups, hierarchies, flexible credits, shared reporting, and auto-enrollment.
Dynamics 365 <br> Human Resources 13

Payroll Integration

  • Payroll integration API facilitates the partnering payroll systems and the Human Resources experience with the employee profile, salary, deduction, and contribution information in a streamlined end-to-end integration to pull this information when processing payroll for current and future pay runs.



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