Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some doubts? Here are the answers to the FAQ to help you understand more about Dynamics 365 Finance.

What is the price of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance?

We offer two options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance that can be easily deployed to empower your business:
• Finance – $180 per user/month
• As subsequent qualifying app – $30 per user/month

How can I maximize financial profitability with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

With Dynamics 365 Finance, businesses have witnessed rapid and lasting financial profitability through this rapid, reliable, and easy-to-analyze accounting and financial system across the organization.

Among several benefits, companies are able to accelerate business growth and elevate financial performance while improving general ledger, cash and bank management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, fixed assets, cost accounting, and localizations.

What are the best modules of Dynamics 365 Finance?

Dynamics 365 Finance includes several modules that will simplify the organization’s processes with notorious advantages for companies. However, this solution has these four essential modules that can be personalized according to the business approach:

1. Financial management
2. Sales and Service Management
3. Project Management
4. Reporting and Analytics

Is Dynamics 365 and ERP or CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not an individual ERP or CRM software. Dynamics 365 is an ecosystem of cloud-based solutions that combines ERP and CRM capabilities within a single place to integrate disparate operations.

Dynamics 365 users leverage the most intelligent, integrated, and efficient ERP, CRM, and Business Applications to bring a user-friendly experience to customers and employees.

Is coding required for Dynamics 365?

As a complete ERP Solution, Dynamics 365 can be customized or extended to include new features based on customers’ requirements and business. Dynamics 365 provides an integrated development environment, allowing organizations to offer even higher levels of adjustments.

Therefore, Dynamics 365 can be implemented with the default configurations without coding or customization, but it has the possibility of making the customizations that the client wants through code.

Modulos 1

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance features for different companies

Pangea Consultants works for different industries such as manufacturing, health, aquaculture, telecommunications, sports, and more to bring business growth and financial performance. Some of the most critical features that organizations from these industries leverage with the support of Dynamics 365 Finance are:

Aquaculture: End-to-end integration of financials/accounting processes, complete control of inventory and costs, and minimized long-term software and consulting expenses.

Manufacturing: Warehouse and inventory management, transaction control, financial and accounting status, corporate finances between subsidiaries, control of expenses and costs.

Telecommunications: Deeper visibility across the organization and 50% faster time & expense management.

And more.

Key features

Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 3

General ledger

  • The core of Dynamics 365 Finance, where every process intersects, and sub-ledgers integrate to provide insights into rising costs and estimated revenue. Designed to help business leaders make efficient, effective, and rapid decisions that maximize profitability.
Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 4

Cash and bank management

  • Helps you earn maximum profits for the organization by maintaining financial instruments, automatically reconciling bank statements, analyzing current and future cash flow, importing electronic bank statements, and more.
Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 5

Accounts payable

  • Offers the necessary features to manage vendor and customer daily processes such as invoicing and collective payments. It can also automate procedures, so invoices meet specific criteria, thus improving visibility and transparency.
Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 6

Accounts receivable

  • Allows different types of payment, such as cash, credit cards, electronic payment, etc. All payments can be centralized to facilitate analysis, manage a shared services department, gain powerful insights, and improve decision-making.
Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 7


  • Manage, control, track, plan, and forecast budgeting for short-term and long-term strategies. Configure monetary and quantitative scenarios that define an organizational budgeting hierarchy to support top-down and bottom-up methods.
Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 8

Fixed assets

  • Handle fixed assets with local and international accounting standards while managing acquisition information, depreciation, and capitalization. Along with the general ledger, the current value of fixed assets can be monitored.
Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 9

Cost accounting

  • Analyze, summarize, and manage data gathered from different sources such as the general ledger, sub-ledgers, budgets, statistics, and more, to facilitate internal reporting and report visualization.
Dynamics 365  <br> Finance 10


  • Configure electronic reporting to comply with statutory requirements and country-specific legislation in over 100 countries. Integrate your solution with legal entities to facilitate audit and reporting processes.



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