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Our results

UP TO 21%

increase in productivity
for F&O Staff

5% to 10%

revenue increases

UP TO 10%

reduction in our client’s
overhead expenses


Microsoft Dynamics 365 
implementations across

5 billion

in client transactions


client satisfaction

Benefits of implementing Dynamics 365 Info

Our purpose

Pangea’s purpose is to help your company minimize overhead utilizing our consultants’ expertise and knowledge. We aim to build trust and help you throughout your digital transformation by increasing productivity and performance, automating procedures, reducing operational costs, decreasing operational complexity, and bringing real-time visibility across your entire organization.

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About Pangea

We are a consulting firm with over 15 years of experience in diverse industries, supporting their digital transformation while guiding and ensuring successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation that helps future-proof our clients’ business software investment.

Our specialist team of consultants understands the importance of maintaining long-lasting business relationships with our clients to deliver industry-specific solutions for long-term success.

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Santiago Morales 3

Santiago Morales

Managing Partner

His leading global mission is to help his clients’ organizations thrive by bringing their disparate applications together in a cohesive, productive system. He has dedicated his life to providing consulting services, optimizing, and guiding companies to reach their ultimate potential.

Sandra Puentes 1

Sandra Puentes

Dynamics 365 Lead Consultant

Systems Engineer with specialization and professional development in Project Management and Business Intelligence, technical and functional consulting solution implementations. She has participated for over nine years in diverse projects around the globe, mainly in the IT consulting sector assisting numerous organizations.

Pablo Cabana 5

Pablo Cabana

Dynamics 365 Lead Developer

Senior Technical Consultant with ten years of experience in LATAM ERP projects. He has keen analytic skills, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities with software development expertise. His system information development expertise has empowered projects across different countries with comprehensive software tools.

Daniela Beninati

Daniela Beninati

Customer Support Manager

Customer success and customer service professional with over five years of experience in entrepreneurship. Daniela is interested in the continuous qualified improvement in marketing, sales, and customer experience roles. Her broad expertise with IT enterprises and CS has brought exceptional results for global companies of different industries.

Yuli Valderrama

Yuli Valderrama

Marketing Director

International Business Professional and magister in Marketing Direction with over eight years of experience in marketing, helping companies drive business growth, developing products and brands in B2B and B2C industries. Passionate about digital transformation, business consulting, innovation, and team development.

Gina Romero

Gina Romero

Administrative Director

Public Accountant and magister in Human Talent Management and Organizational Development with over thirteen years of administrative and accounting experience. Her expertise and passion for HR and process management have helped clients and employees to grow and evolve along with their companies in a solid and lasting development.

MS D365 Knowledge

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Knowledge

Our consultants are laser-focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 business application solutions to drive innovation and help you reach your business goals faster.

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What you can expect from us

Localization Experts

We have developed highly functional Latin American localization solutions embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, allowing your organization to enter the Latin American market and ensure statutory compliance.

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Successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Implementation for Freshwave Group
Committed to ongoing, long-term support 2

What you can expect from us

Proven Project Processes

Projects are complex and require the balancing of resources on both the client and Pangea side. Our team’s project successes have allowed us to build a set of project guidelines and deliverables aimed on ensuring client success.

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What you can expect from us

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our consultants work with a long list of diverse industries delivering personalized solutions that will bring long-term value to your organization by securing its future organizational effectiveness.

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What you can expect from us

Methodical Approach

We consider that the essential part of consulting is to lay the foundations of a good partnership with our clients before creating a plan and implementing the solution. To us, that means an effective, transparent, educational, and trusting process that catalyzes positive change.

We unify your applications, helping them speak to each other.

What you can expect from us

Client-centric operations

We build long-term partnerships with our clients where their needs are our priorities, ensuring client satisfaction throughout every service.

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