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3 Dynamics 365 Human Resources solutions that will impact your organization the most

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In this second entry about Dynamics 365 Human Resources, I want to talk about three features that have become one of my favorites and, in my opinion, make life easier and generate significant value when carrying out proper personnel management. As I mentioned in the previous blog (if you haven’t seen it yet, read it here), this system allows SMEs and large ones to carry out personnel administration. It provides employees and managers with a self-service, intuitive and friendly experience.

Entering the subject, first, I want to talk about a process that, for many, is a human resources headache, the selection of personnel. In some, or rather, almost all companies, this process is critical since the people who carry out this work (recruiters) have the enormous responsibility of searching the market for a person who must meet many requirements. On many occasions, they are what I call “pink unicorns;” does it seem familiar to you? or do you identify with this?

So, the selection process depends on several factors: one of them is the correct and complete definition of the position profile. This in Dynamics 365 HR is called a “Job,” a template that contains everything that a recruiter and selection person needs to do a good search job. A second component that ensures the proper achievement of this pink unicorn is communication with the requesting manager.

When a manager is clear about what he needs, about the knowledge, skills, and experience that he requires in a person to be part of his team, it is easier to achieve that adjustment that both parties are looking for, which are:

1. The candidates have the right profile

2. The manager finds in them what he requires in his team.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Job section

Personnel requisitions can be created from the manager’s self-service in Dynamics 365 HR, where the manager can search for a Job in the master and make the necessary adjustments to the requisition. Sometimes the profile of a specific position requires a couple of additional skills or, suddenly, one more certification. This can be solved in the personnel requisitions since they provide the option to complete the information and make comments.

Recruiting Request section

After the selection process has been achieved and carried out, the induction of personnel is carried out. In some organizations, it’s a bit tedious since repeatedly reciting the same information becomes a never-ending issue. This is why many companies choose to carry out inductions in some areas through videos that help the new employee not be with so much information overload. Also, the employee who gives the induction does not get tired of always doing the same process.

The list of tasks to be carried out in inductions is very long:

  • creation of accounts and passwords for the different systems
  • assignment of computer equipment
  • delivery of equipment
  • creation of the corporate signature
  • training of safety and health at work
  • opening a payroll account, etc.

Sometimes some of these activities can be forgotten.

This is why Dynamics 365 HR has a module for creating these activities. Through checklists, the new employee and the employees involved in the induction process will have tasks assigned with specific dates and instructions to ensure that the entire process is carried out. One or more induction task lists can be created in the system as needed, such as by employee job level or the department you are joining.

Last but not least, let’s talk a little about the performance evaluation of each employee and the team. To do so, the human resources team works hand in hand with each area’s heads. Depending on the type of personnel evaluation, the formats and forms of assessment are created.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources delivers several functionalities that allow the evaluation of skills and performance of the work team members. One of the ones that I like the most is the “Team skills assessment.” This functionality is found in the manager’s self-service, and with just a click, it provides a broad spectrum of what happens in the department with the work team.

To start with this topic, you must know the so-called famous manager’s self-service. As you can see in the image, it is divided into three sections:

1. The header

The section where the manager’s information appears.

2. Summary

It contains boxes with very functional features, which will help the manager to manage his staff as he intended. They are the creation of performance diaries and objectives for the members of your team, carrying out an analysis of the skills of the personnel in your charge, among others.

3. My team information

In this space, you will find complete details on the team members, their company’s position, compensation, the calendar of absences, evaluations, and assigned objectives.

The Team skills assessment is a tool that allows managers to be more connected with the performance and development of employees, mainly because it is crucial to know how they are growing. Also, to manage the learning curve and understand how a manager can provide the elements they need to fill the gaps between their employees’ skill level and what is expected.

When the manager enters his self-service and clicks on the Team skills assessment feature, he will find a graph like the following:

The manager will be able to understand and carry out an analysis of the points for improvement and, above all, the strengths of his work team. The most practical matter is that you can see all the information on the whole computer, so there is no need to open multiple tabs or additional programs to see what is going on. You can make a comparison but also have a complete overview of the team’s abilities.

Therefore, we can say that:

1. The definition of a complete position profile is basic and very valuable for a proper selection process. That is why the Jobs functionality is one of my favorites in Dynamics 365 HR since it provides all the necessary spaces to do a good search.

2. Having assigned the tasks to be carried out helps you not to forget any of them, even more so if they are part of welcoming a new member of the work team and,

3. Having a visual of the level of competence of each one of the members of your teamwork allows you to make better decisions regarding the department, the objectives to aim for, and internal movements.

Thank you.

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I hope this information helps you deepen your knowledge of all the processes that can be automated in Dynamics 365 HR.

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