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5 Tips for Choosing the Right ERP

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the right ERP for your business

The Market Research Engine has estimated over US$49.50 billion of ERP growth by 2025, supporting a large number of companies worldwide through their digital transformation. However, deciding which ERP system to invest in is essential for a successful implementation to deliver the right results. Here we present the five tips to choose the right ERP for your business:

tips for choosing the right ERP

1. An ERP that fits your business needs

The first thing to consider is to carry out a thorough analysis of your business processes, needs, and the areas where you need improvement the most. Each ERP software has several modules and features that will impact your organization differently, so comparing their functionalities and identifying the essential needs of your business will get you an estimate of the ROI that you’ll get from each ERP. That way, you’ll be able to balance what the system can do and how suitable it is to optimize your processes.

2. An effective budget

Consider cost vs value. The expenses should consider the total cost of the ERP, the implementation, plus additional required resources. Keep in mind that a high price won’t necessarily deliver the right choice; a robust and expensive ERP could include several features, but if they’re not helpful for your business, this system will not be of much value. Instead, choose the software that contains the most appropriate benefits and features for your investment.

3. Adaptable and flexible for the future

As your business grows, your ERP needs to grow. Avoid time-consuming and cost loss of changing processes by choosing a living structure ERP that can quickly adapt to new technological developments. Keep in mind software upgrades and the facility of integrating them with modern ones, making sure your ERP will optimize your business for many years while offering comprehensive support.

4. A seamless implementation

Some ERP implementations are more tedious due to extensive employee training with complicated or unfamiliar software. When choosing an ERP, keep in mind additional features and advantages that will bring value to your company with no difficulties. Additionally, take advantage of the industry-specific systems that will elevate your productivity, getting a seamless solution to your operations.

5. The right implementation partner

Study the implementation partner’s reputation and expertise. Examine a potential partner’s website, look for reviews, analyze their social networks and what their clients say about their experience. Besides that, consider their industry expertise and client relationship promises, and trustworthiness. For instance, some partners offer training to leverage your implementation with ease, saving you time and money in the process.

Your ERP selection process will be smoother and more effective throughout your digital transformation journey following these five tips. If you’d like to compare different Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions, click here to learn more about the different approaches that will make your business thrive.

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