Achieve a sustainable and efficient aquaculture process with intelligent business apps

Overcome aquaculture industry's persistent challenges such us:

The absence of integration of different monitoring and management tools or systems.

The lack of intelligent analysis models and technology for aquaculture and absence of correlation analysis of data.

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What you will learn:

Overcome aquaculture’s obstacles by leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to:

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About Pangea Consultants

We have helped diverse industries optimize their operations for over 15 years with our consultants’ expertise, including the aquaculture sector, having one of the world’s LBA leaders as our client, Atlantic Sapphire.

We guide and ensure successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation that empowers our clients’ digital transformation with optimal business software investment.

Our Clients:


Pangea’s consultants demonstrated professionalism and expertise while analyzing and learning about our operations thoroughly to optimize our system. We are beyond grateful for the results and support along the way to keep working with them as our trusted partners.”

Be part of the future of the aquaculture industry and discover today how to boost your business results.