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Aquaculture Production: Optimize your RAS Operations with Dynamics 365

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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are one of the most helpful ways to reduce seafood farming’s environmental impact, making your aquaculture production sustainable. However, in order to have optimal RAS, you need a robust ERP that supports its functionalities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has proven to be a powerful tool that optimizes RAS operations, delivering exceptional results cost-effectively.

RAS challenges

The RAS process tends to be complex with closed water cleansing systems, maintaining proper oxygenation and temperature in the tanks while the cycle repeats. One of the common challenges this system encounters is to keep its components entirely functional. Additionally, preserving all the system’s parts in top condition and running constant inspections to ensure sustainable farming can become daunting.

  • Keep proper oxygenation and water temperature
  • Maintain its components entirely functional
  • Preserve all the system’s parts in top condition
  • Run constant inspections to ensure sustainable farming

How Dynamics 365 optimizes your RAS

Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP cloud-based solutions ease your RAS process, overcoming the aforementioned challenges. You can easily track all maintenance processes within your company with Dynamics 365, facilitating RAS maintenance tasks. This includes other elements within the maintenance process, such as faults, monitor tank, pump and filter maintenance, maintenance workers, consumption of each maintenance work, and more.

  • Track all maintenance processes
  • Facilitate RAS maintenance tasks
  • Ease faults and maintenance workers’ tasks
  • Quickly track consumption of each maintenance work

Dynamics 365 can integrate and centralize every area of your business in a single environment, enabling monitoring and controlling every process, cost, and transaction while creating a single source of truth. Furthermore, Dynamics 365, embedded with Power BI, can gather essential data across the entire manufacturing process and supply chain into easy-to-analyze data visualization charts. The solution delivers correlative insights from across your company, helping you identify weaknesses and solve them efficiently.

It is worth noting that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of cloud-based ERP solutions designed to overcome business challenges in every area of your company by gathering and delivering significant data and intelligent insights. The suite offers different solutions built to address the following areas of your company:

Using a centralized system, such as Dynamics 365 business apps, facilitates gathering and analyzing data across the supply chain to improve decision-making and implies optimizing every area while lowering costs and minimizing manual tasks and repetitive activities. Dynamics 365 not only optimizes your RAS operations but any technology that you adopt in your aquaculture business (as we mentioned in our “5 technologies that will upgrade the industry” blog).

At Pangea Consultants, we are industry experts with tailor-made solutions for aquaculture. We rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 intelligent business apps, promoting the comprehensive operation of aquaculture enterprises. This integration helps you reach the optimization and sustainability of your operations and yield long-term benefits cost-effectively.

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