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Aquaculture: 5 Technologies that will Upgrade the Industry

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The aquaculture industry has elevated its operations, relying on technology to deliver more accurate and improved results, but also to provide more sustainable processes that keep the oceans blue as it should be. Industry 4.0 has thrust companies to adopt more robust solutions that have brought efficiency and precision cost-effectively. According to diverse researches, including ScienceDirect, EY, and Agrilinks, the following five specific technologies have proven to be factual solutions that will upgrade the industry for aquaculture in 2022 with long-lasting results.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Augmented reality (AR)
  4. Blockchain Technology
  5. Intelligent ERP business app solutions

5 Technologies that will Transform the Aquaculture Industry in 2022 4

With the massive amount of streaming data companies keep managing within their operations, connecting big data across the aquaculture sector has become more daunting. Although IoT is relatively new in the industry, it has brought several benefits to aquaculture processes related to data from farms, production sites, food processing factories, and social media big data.

The IoT directly impacts the environmental conditions, effectively monitoring the aquaculture sites in real-time, facilitating the incorporation of underwater cameras and sensors inside several cages. Therefore, you can continuously monitor the effects of fish farms on time, allowing improved environmental management.

Companies that shift to IoT will experience:

Efficient real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and fish farms.

Predictive models for safer and more effortless decision-making.

More sustainable, productive, and profitable operations.

5 Technologies that will Transform the Aquaculture Industry in 2022 3

Another way of making improved and faster decisions is applying AI since the usage of robots, sensors, cameras, and drones cannot do the complete work of enabling quick and real-time data collection due to the massive amount of data. Relying on AI, your aquaculture production will increase within a short period quite rapidly.

Furthermore, costs can be decreased by up to 30% with the management of input wastage through AI. You can also get complete control over the fish-producing systems, reducing input costs and less maintenance.

Companies that shift to AI will experience:

Fast and real-time data collection.

Rapid aquaculture production in a short period.

Reduced costs by up to 30% and full control over the fish producing systems.

5 Technologies that will Transform the Aquaculture Industry in 2022 2

Computer-generated standard images are not produced with perceptual information, making analysis harder to execute. In different scenarios, facilities need to have more real-world experiences with an enhanced impression of objects. This is why AR has elevated the interactive experiences with clarity and data, reducing cost, wasted time, and facilitating underwater operations with drones and robots.

AR will provide farmers with an improved overview of production sites, allowing them to complete processes more efficiently with no risk. Additionally, productivity increases in field production, managing and analyzing mortalities, health status, and assessing water parameters.

Companies that shift to AR will experience:

Real-world experiences with clarity and data cost-effectively.

Enhanced overview in production sites, completing processes risk-free.

Optimal management of fish farms, water quality, and remote collaboration.

5 Technologies that will Transform the Aquaculture Industry in 2022 5

With the large amounts of data generated by the aquaculture industry, it can be overwhelming to securely share personal data, having payment processing, money transfers, and digital identity information at risk. Fortunately, blockchain decentralizes your data so no individual, enterprise, or government can own or control that data, securing it while supporting data sharing.

Blockchain keeps being the chosen technology by great leaders in the sector for the ability to connect every party involved and make a visible, collective, and transparent database while improving decision-making, security, and transparency. Within the organization, third parties (such as regulators or auditors) can also view the database.

Companies that shift to Blockchain technology will experience:

Drive traceability and securely connect with third parties.

Reduce risk while boosting global trade.

Confidently streamline and automate your operations.

5 Technologies that will Transform the Aquaculture Industry in 2022 6

The aquaculture industry has lagged in adopting efficient information systems, with multiple ones not speaking to each other or providing a small portion of the overall operational picture. Although adopting the technologies mentioned above will bring great benefits to your business, the most crucial decision is to integrate efficient information systems that allow you to control and analyze general data. Therefore, Intelligent ERP business app solutions are essential to adopt any kind of technology since they improve the organization’s operations while getting the desired results effortlessly and more rapidly than ever.

Thus, new systems arise to address and eliminate numerous challenges within the business. One of those systems is Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP cloud-based solutions, which help you innovate and optimize your aquaculture processes while acting as the first approach and entrance towards digital transformation and industry 4.0.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is an end-to-end solution that provides complete visibility to control, manage, and perform your business operations on a single platform while facilitating procedures and decision-making based on the powerful insights delivered by Dynamics 365. This robust technology minimizes the number of software your company needs, allowing you to focus on the essentials. Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERPs and web services can quickly connect to your existing systems effortlessly while allowing you to capture valuable data within the platform and minimize double entry.

Companies that shift to Dynamics 365 F&O will experience:

360-degree visibility on your operations.

Easy-to-analyze accounting and financial system.

Predictive insights and intelligence to improve productivity.

It is worth noting that although more technologies have elevated business’ results, the five technologies mentioned above have proven to be the most effective for 2022 and for the upcoming years. Especially by integrating an intelligent ERP business solution that will seamlessly bring operational efficiency and elevated results.

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5 Reasons Why Companies Prefer Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Their ERP Solution 6

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