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Business Processes Management or Technology, What is First in Digital Transformation?

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There is a widespread misconception regarding what Digital Transformation is really about. Many players in the tech industry, and even more beyond these boundaries, believe that Digital Transformation is all about changing or upgrading hardware and software every certain period of time to new pieces of technology with more features and functionalities. And this misinterpretation has led to an unproductive and chicken-and-egg debate as to whether technology should inform the business processes or the other way around.

First, we must understand that Digital Transformation goes far beyond technology and covers core elements of the organizations, such as The Business Model and The Operating Model. In fact, this is the ultimate goal, transforming the business (business model or operating model) as a result of the available technology and the need to adapt to a constantly changing environment continually.

Business Processes Management or Technology, What is First in Digital Transformation?

Second, as Digital Transformation is at its most fundamental level of business transformation, the ongoing debate in the Digital Transformation sphere regarding whether technology will do everything, including defining the business processes, is meaningless.

Third, your business processes and business requirements should define what kind of technology and deployment strategy you will use, and not the opposite. You must always start by understanding where you are today in terms of operations performance or what is also known as your current state (As-Is). If you want to make improvements, you need to identify what things are working well and what things need intervention. This can be done through techniques like Business Process Mapping or Process Mining that will lead to your future state (To-Be), and this is how your business processes will look like.

Once you have completed your current state analysis and defined your To-Be business processes, you will land with a list of requirements that are going to be your foundation to evaluate and choose the right technology for your organization and the best deployment strategy for that technology, which will facilitate the process improvements.

Basically, Digital Transformation is an infinite game that requires the courage to make bold decisions continually. Pangea Consultants is that partner in life that will guide you through the entire journey, whether that is implementing a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HCM (Human Capital Management), BI (Business Intelligence) solution or reinventing your industry, Pangea Consultants helps you envision, drive and get tangible results.

If you would like to discuss how we can achieve remarkable outcomes together, contact us, and we will be thrilled to help.

Business Processes Management or Technology, What is First in Digital Transformation? 3

I hope you’ve gotten a brighter idea about Digital Transformation and its core elements to reinvent your business correctly.

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