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Drive Growth Through Intelligent Commerce Experiences

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Understanding what drives connected journeys across multiple channels, touchpoints, and experiences is what will deliver long-term growth and success for retailers in the modern era of commerce. Find out how to create a connected and intelligent commerce experience through data automation and integration.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Merchants who are experiencing rapid growth understand just how essential it is to create a seamless customer experience. The right combination of ecommerce platforms, applications, expert consultation and integration solutions can save a business significant time, money, and manual data errors.

That said, refining the buying and commerce experience is not a simple problem. An intelligent commerce experience can take many forms, including everything from expert consultation to develop a strategy to last mile delivery.

What is the key to a connected commerce experience?

Ultimately, data is the key to creating a connected commerce experience.

Data is no longer just transaction information; brands who are strategically looking at how their data informs their entire sales process go beyond transactional information. Your data and how it moves allows your business to map out the customer experience you wish your customers to have.

In fact, brands of all sizes can create seamless customer experience by breaking down silos and unifying their data. It all starts with having agile, scalable integration across platforms in your technology stack.

Data Integration Can Solve Many eCommerce Challenges 

By connecting and automating your applications together in a strategic way that creates an intelligent and well-thought out commerce experience, you can solve many common challenges that arise with ecommerce business, including:

  • Manual administrative tasks, spreadsheets, data entry resulting in human error
  • Limited ability to scale because of lack of bandwidth
  • Common customer service tasks taking up time
  • Complications sending communications to the right customers or prospects at the right time
  • Seamless transfer of data across your entire business, trading partners, channels and multiple stores

Meeting Customer Expectations With Connected Applications

As customer expectations rapidly change, having your applications and systems connected is a key strategic investment towards digital transformation. Before getting started with integration, keep in mind that it involves adopting a strategic approach to ensure the solution is tailored to your needs.

For instance, businesses who are turning to integration technologies powered by integration experts are having a deeper impact on business operations and improve customer experience.

When a data integration solution is well-designed along with an expert strategy, it will optimize business operations. Connecting and integrating your business is an investment towards scalability, valuable data, security, and much more!  

What Are The Benefits of A Connected and Intelligent Commerce Experience?

  • Improve Customer Experience:  Expert consultation and data integration across your tech stack can ultimately improve your business’ ability to deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints.
  • Increase Productivity: Eliminate risk-prone manual data entry to enhance productivity with robust integration. Your team can focus on growing your business by turning repetitive tasks into automated workflows. Adopting an automated integration solution provides you with a single view of crucial data allowing your team to be more productive.
  • Improve Operations and Business Intelligence: Whether you’re in the supply chain, manufacturing, or product management business, having real-time access to your data improves your operations. By giving you the most important thing—visibility across your business. Having visibility improves processes, productivity, while lowering expenditures.

Redefine The Customer Experience with Data

The ultimate goal of having a connected and intelligent commerce experience is to drive business growth through agility, scalability, business intelligence and visibility, all of which implicitly or directly goes towards improving customer experience. But it’s not enough to choose any integration product and hit ‘go’ as a means to adopting a data integration solution: you need to have a strategy and approach in place before approaching specific solutions or partners.

Our VL OMNI integration platform, also known as iPaaS, empowers scaling businesses across the world to fully integrate and automate their key workflows between applications. We help enterprise businesses deliver on customer demands without juggling multiple systems and using manual processes and workarounds.

Integrate your online store on Shopify or Shopify Plus, ERP, CRM, POS, EDI trading partners, and more applications together in ways that matter most to your business with our Connectors. Plus, apply business rules directly to data transformations. This will enable you to put your customers first and consistently deliver a customer experience across all touchpoints.

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Drive Growth Through Connected and Intelligent Commerce Experiences 3

VL OMNI’s integration platform empowers businesses to accelerate growth by integrating their systems, channels, partners, and applications together in ways that matter most to them.

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