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Dynamics 365 Sales vs. Dynamics 365 Marketing

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Companies experience several challenges in their marketing and sales areas that could affect factors like their budget, increased competition, building trust, closing deals, and countless aspects that, if not handled properly, can directly impact the business results. Thinking about these demanding operations, Microsoft delivers Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing, two comprehensive business applications that share the same goal: to drive sales and revenue growth effortlessly.

Although each Microsoft solution is made for their specific approach, combined, they will simplify results tracking without data silos. Both Sales and Marketing help you capture, store, and use different data types in the sales flow, including the primary sales initiative, potential follow-up activity, and additional sales.

Let’s start with their differences.

Dynamics 365 Sales

This solution helps salespeople strengthen their customer relationships and sales process, make better decisions based on insights, and close deals faster. As mentioned in our previous blog about the 6 powerful capabilities of a sales management system, Dynamics 365 Sales streamlines the sales data analysis, collection, and distribution while you can easily keep track of your contacts and nurture sales from lead to order. Take a look at the business process for sales in the process flow below:

Dynamics 365 Sales vs. Dynamics 365 Marketing 2
Source: Microsoft


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Close sales faster
  • Get reminders for closing deals
  • Unified information to control accounts, contacts, and activities
  • Seamless integration with Office 365 tools, emails, Teams, calls, Sales Navigator on LinkedIn, etc.

What’s new for Dynamics 365 Sales this year?

  • Conversation intelligence

Capture customer interactions, get automatic call transcriptions, evaluate the content, and deliver intelligent insights.

  • Facilitating digital selling

Showcase the value with selected Dynamics 365 Sales Premium enhanced features, such as sales accelerator, predictive scoring, and conversation intelligence.

  • Forecasting and pipeline intelligence

Get revenue forecast predictions, comprehensive views, and insights into your sales team’s pipeline.

  • Mobile

Empower your sellers’ productivity and collaboration by working from anywhere.

  • Relationship intelligence

Leverage predictive relationship intelligence, LinkedIn data, and engagement signals to strengthen customer relationships.

  • Sales accelerator and process automation

Close more deals with process automation and predictive analytics within a single workspace.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Create personalized marketing campaigns, activities, and experiences to get more customers while building business relationships with potential customers while reaching wider audiences. Dynamics 365 Marketing provides these valuable activities to enhance and increase your sales opportunities while bolstering marketing capabilities. Take a look at the business process for marketing in the process flow below:

Source: Microsoft


  • Monitor and automate the entire customer’s journey
  • Segment your database according to demographic data, by type of interaction with your marketing campaigns, among others
  • Prioritize leads
  • Get accurate score calculation
  • Easy creation of emails with text, graphics, images
  • Collect actionable feedback from customers with quick surveys
  • Get real-time KPIs on the performance of your campaigns with automated dashboards
  • Integrate the platform with channels such as websites and social networks like LinkedIn.

What’s new for Dynamics 365 Marketing this year?

  • Collaborative apps

Create engaging campaigns collaborating between departments, people, and apps.

  • Data and AI

Create real-time event-based journey orchestration while facilitating moment-based marketing for any business scenario.

  • Moments-based

Customize interactions through the customer journey harnessing the power of data and AI.

Why should you align Sales and Marketing in Dynamics 365?

Within Sales and Marketing, the opportunities to turn potential customers into actual customers are abundant. For instance, the possibility of getting a prospective customer can happen at events, through mailing campaigns, organic or paid social media pieces, word of mouth, and so on.

Let me exemplify the flow of entity relationships with the following graphic:

Source: Microsoft

The Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing collaboration will simplify how you get, store, and use several data types in the sales flow. However, your sales and marketing employees must team up and stop working in silos to help your organization understand your clients while strengthening their loyalty. The idea is to align operations across your business departments to streamline cooperation digitally. This improved client engagement leads your business to monitor the client’s journey from start to finish thoroughly while you can:

  • Quickly track results from both areas
  • Increase lead generation
  • Actively promote your existing leads
  • Easily transfer qualified leads from marketing to sales

Having your marketing and sales teams aligned can lead to:

  • 36% higher customer retention rates
  • 38% higher sales win rates

* Bewsher, D. (2016). The Secret to Account-Based Marketing Success. MarketingProfs.

It’s worth noting that you can easily combine both solutions since they’re based on the same platform. However, Sales and Marketing are not the only apps that can be aligned; you can connect more Dynamics 365 solutions or compatible third-party apps to simplify operations. For instance, integrating Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can also facilitate the creation of several campaigns (mailing, telemarketing, social media, etc.) to expand your customer potential. These campaigns target your contacts for leads, prospects, and customers to ease each progress and receive positive responses, leading to an effortless sales process with the potential recipients that positively interacted with each campaign.

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