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Employee self-service, your best experience

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In this blog, I want to discuss the employee self-service, one of the most crucial modules within Dynamics 365 Human Resources. This module will provide a seamless HR experience for the employee or manager, facilitating and improving different operations in your business.

In my second HR blog, I discussed manager self-service where I talked about some features that are personally my favorites of this workspace, and that essentially facilitated not only managers duties when handling the evaluations of their team members but also to keep track of their progress in the learning curves and be able to clearly visualize more opportunities for improvement and promotion within the organization.

Today I want to start representing why employee self-service is so important and why I really like this module.


Employees can update their own information.


Easy access to their work (position profile), so the employee is clear about their functions and what the company expects of them.


You can enroll in various courses provided by the organization.


Accessible summary of the balances of absence and leave plans.


Simple access to the benefits to which you are entitled as an employee.

Typically in companies, human resources manage and keep all the employees’ information updated; the area is constantly communicating with them to find out about changes of address or cell phone number.

Employee self-service

From the employee self-service, each employee can enter and update their own information, change their address if they have moved, register their emergency contact, their dependents, or beneficiaries, which is directly related to the benefits granted by the company, upload their corporate photo, among others.

The employee has easy access to organizational information such as company directory, loaner equipment, and complete job profile. In this section, you will find information on the skills you must develop and the level you must reach to fully comply with what the company expects of you as a worker, and the detailed functions and certifications you must have or achieve.

From the training module, the training area, and in fact, all the sites that provide training or courses to the staff, they have the possibility of creating courses that can be open to all company employees and posted for free enrollment, such as an Excel or a language course and closed courses can also be created for a particular group of employees. From self-service, employees can view open courses and enroll immediately. Similarly, each employee’s manager can approve their selected course enrollment if required.

At the end of the course, and if the employee successfully approved it, it will be automatically transferred to their profile as new completed training, a certification, and one or more skills, depending on the focus of the course. The previous makes life much easier for human resources personnel since all the information is automatically available in one place, in real-time, and within a click.

As for leave and absence plan balances, it’s lots of information, depending on the plans’ quantity and whether employees will be assigned to all or just some. Keeping this information in order is complicated, and considering that some companies give free time as a benefit, which makes the number of plans lengthen much more, in addition to absence plans, vacation periods, and others.

Too much information, right? Dynamics 365 HR allows you to easily see what absence plans you have assigned and what balances you have to date. You have clarity of the available days to request vacations, permits, some licenses, or benefits on time. These requests can be made through self-service and through Teams and can also be approved with a simple click.

Manager self-service

Team leaders can create goals and reviews from the managers’ self-service and assign them to team members. Each user from the employee self-service can see the given objectives and the plan for the following review or evaluation.

All these functionalities and many others are available in the employee self-service. The information is configured from the different modules of the system and represents the automation of the company’s processes with simplified steps and keeping all the information in one place.

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I look forward to seeing you in the next blog with more information and why many companies prefer Dynamics 365 HR.

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