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HR System: Optimize internal & external hiring processes

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Thank you for joining me in this saga of blogs about the benefits of having an automated system for managing the work of the Human Resources department, relying on a powerful HR system: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

In this final entry of the HR blogs saga, I want to talk about my favorite Dynamics 365 HR functionality, which has several usage forms, to name a few:

  • evaluating the company’s talent by competencies
  • carrying out internal recruitment
  • verifying the learning curve1

1 according to the time in the position, and reviewing opportunities for improvement in terms of soft skills like techniques.

When it comes to having a vacancy in the company, it will always be better, easier, and cheaper to carry out internal recruitment and promotions than to hire a person who doesn’t know about the company, the business, or the culture. Even if this person has the experience we are looking for, it will require more time in your learning curve and adaptation to the company.

The “Skill gap analysis” is a functionality available in the Employee development module and the manager’s self-service. It allows employees from the Human Resources area and work team leaders to review the level at which every employee is in each of the competencies assigned to them and compare it with the job profiles (Jobs) configured in the system.

As I had mentioned in a previous blog, in Dynamics 365 HR, you must configure the job, which contains all the information regarding the position profile and is basically used for two factors:

1. For the new employee’s understanding of their functions and what is expected of them within the organization

2. As input for recruiters, since this detailed information provides essential knowledge when conducting a better candidate search and evaluation.

On the other hand, we have the employee’s profile, which represents their resume in the system. You will find their personal information there, the completed certifications, the benefits they are entitled to in the company, the leave plans, the courses taken, compensation, etc.

As well as a record of the competencies that have been evaluated and the level of each one. It is essential to mention that the system allows the creation of various types of skills, whether soft or technical; it also allows the configuration of multiple types of evaluation. So that competencies can be evaluated from 1 to 5 and another as a beginner, advanced, or expert.

By having this information completely filled out, you can proceed to carry out the analysis of competencies according to the internal process that is required to be carried out, an evaluation of competencies by position, or an evaluation to carry out an internal selection process.

In the “Skills gap analysis,” the person’s name to be evaluated and the job the skills are to be contrasted with is selected. The system will show the value found in the position profile vs. the value in the employee’s competence.

In addition to this, the system issues a template in which you can see the percentage of the gap for each competency. This represents the most important thing when making decisions in front of the employee, whether it is a development plan, some training, or specific support.

In this way, from the management of the area requesting the vacancy and from human resources, better decisions can be made since the possibility of making a promotion is evaluated by taking into account the competencies that must be strengthened or if, on the contrary, an external selection process for the vacancy must start.

If this functionality or any of those mentioned in this blog saga draws your attention and you are interested in automating your company’s human resources processes, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

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