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7 ideas to help your human resources department using technology

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Human Resources is one of the business departments worldwide that has witnessed rapid evolution thanks to technology. In this virtual era where remote work keeps increasing, organizations have pushed boundaries to find ways to facilitate hiring processes from anywhere and maintain the organizational culture, team building, and strong relationships in this new virtual world.

In order to add value and increase ROI, different industries have to face challenges and outperform the competition with modern strategies that allow them to attract, onboard, and retain the best talent. For this reason, many business leaders have understood the importance of technology to improve the human experience from recruiting to hiring while globally connecting teams.

How technology affects HR departments

Regardless of the industry and company size, HR departments are one of the main reasons organizations lean on digital transformation strategies. The adoption of modern technology and working with new digital tools mostly influence hiring processes and the overall company’s evolution in the following way: 

  • New digital tools: Either developed or acquired by third parties, the HR department experiences a positive change thanks to new digital tools and apps that simplify internal and external processes. Thus, the organization’s workload and work experience are transformed with quicker operations for seamless human resources management.
  • Hiring processes: The human resources manager and team normally face a whirlwind of daily demands and operations requiring time and excessive attention to detail. Thanks to innovative software, HR professionals can streamline and enhance hiring processes, saving time, and allowing them to focus more on people.
  • Company’s evolution: Organizations that shift to modern solutions feel compelled to change their culture. With the adoption of technology, companies can now easily evolve in their culture while quickly adapting to change to simplify their digital transformation journey.

7 ideas to help HR departments

To deepen into the previously mentioned aspects of how technology affects HR departments, here you’ll get seven ideas to help them gain more efficiency, time, and elevated experiences for their employees and future hires.

1. Automate payroll process

The payroll process is undoubtedly not an easy task having different positions, salaries, conditions, types of contracts, etc. Modern tech has made this process effortless to keep track of employees’ situations and have a quick and automated payroll process that requires little attention.

Innovative technology brings a myriad of benefits to HR and payroll automation while providing:

  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Decreased payroll errors
  • Improved onboarding and recruitment
  • Quicker offboarding and saved time
  • Reduced costs and daunting operations
  • Consistency across departments
  • Streamlined end-to-end integration to pull experience with the employee profile, salary, deduction, and contribution information.

2. Broaden your talent pool

With modern talent-acquisition systems that offer assistance with the onboarding process, companies are able to broaden and improve their talent from day one. Modern systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources provide modules that enhance the workplace experience with the possibility to auto-populate information into different platforms and forms in seconds.

Amongst some of the main benefits that technology like Dynamics 365 Human Resources brings to the talent pool are:

  • Accelerated speed and improved accuracy of acceptance
  • Deliver candidates with the appropriate qualifications
  • Keep track of candidates that will be effective future hires
  • Integration with LinkedIn,.Office 365, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Intuitive insights on candidates’ abilities, competencies, and interview feedback.

3. Easily collect your employee feedback

Employers can create more extensive and better team experiences with evolving tools. For instance, modern technology simplifies the collection of employee feedback for the HR team, evaluating their overall performance and keeping track of their progress with different automated tasks.

Modern tools facilitate the collection of employee feedback to provide:

  • Improved benefits, compensation, certification, training, and payroll programs
  • Defined guidelines and adjustments for each employee
  • Transformed data into easy-to-read dashboards of employee’s performance
  • Enhanced visibility to improve HR processes.

4. Enhance your employee relations with online tools

Thanks to automation, employees have more opportunities for human connection. HR tech allows enterprises to build meaningful relationships while systems focus on time-consuming tasks. Even though many people believe HR tools are a human replacement, many more companies understand that they’re a bridge between human resources and technology that empower connection. Believing that humans will be replaced by HR tech is a misconception that needs to be changed.

Having more HR tools that automate tasks gives more time to:

  • Focus on growing relationships
  • Bring the right talent to improve teamwork
  • Strengthen human connections and interactions
  • Increase productivity and motivation in employees’ relationships

5. Improve your performance management

Identifying and assessing potential candidates with robust technology helps eliminate human bias. More businesses are shifting to AI and machine learning tools to help them sort candidates’ CVs and perform blind assessments with more accurate results and less time. Likewise, they get more real-time metrics from tech to make better and real-time decisions from onboarding to offboarding. Furthermore, relying on additional solutions like Microsoft Power Platform has also proven to improve performance management to easily tailor reports, apps, and workflows across Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, and other apps. 

More tools have proven to improve performance management in a comprehensive way for every company’s department, allowing them to: 

  • Analyze, organize, collect, report, and understand data for improved decisions with factual data
  • Automate critical processes utilizing workflows with built-in business process automation and performance management
  • Provide better guidance and feedback to employees based on goals, reviews, and performance journals
  • Organize your workforce across the entire company in a single environment.

6. Improve the way you offer training and development

Seamless solutions like Dynamics 365 Human Resources give employees on-demand access to data and more efficient analytics tools for the company. This powerful technology enhances access to information about training, departments, jobs, positions, and other organizational human resource elements. For instance, with Dynamics 365 HR, you can also customize onboarding plans to accelerate newly hired people’s productivity. This platform integrates them into your organization, defining roles, responsibilities, and objectives to focus on.

Besides improving training and development, employees will:

  • Learn from different departments
  • Get quick training resources, organization charts, and tips
  • Optimize human resources tasks with centralized information
  • Deliver effective processes with increased organizational agility.

7. Connect employees worldwide and expand your business

With the constant growth of remote work worldwide, more organizations have shifted to modern solutions that help them expand their business and maintain clear communication with their employees —even virtually. More video platforms in HR tech are evolving to allow leaders to do business as if they were closing deals in person. Video or audio conferencing has shown recruiters, candidates, and employees that there are no boundaries at any stage of the recruitment process, teamwork, or offboarding.

Human interaction can also be strengthened through technology, either via email, calls, or video calls, while leveraging:

  • Increased productivity and motivation
  • Goal setting and tracking for every employee
  • Enhanced performance while focusing on what’s more important
  • Less paperwork and quicker onboarding/offboarding processes
  • Decreased employee delays or inconsistencies thanks to real-time data

Evidently, technology has forever changed how people work and, especially, how the HR department has evolved throughout the years. Nevertheless, living in a fast-paced era where organizations must overcome change while new technologies arise, more businesses are forced to act as soon as possible to avoid operational throwbacks. That’s why the decision to turn to innovative HR tools must be taken thoroughly yet rapidly to make your business thrive and stand out. Powerful platforms such as Dynamics 365 Human Resources are a clear example of more end-to-end productivity and efficiency, especially with its newly announced capabilities.

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