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When to Implement a New ERP System for your Company?

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When to Implement a New ERP System for your Company?

The beginning of 2022 has brought many challenges, where companies have sought new ways to keep up in this digital business world. Modern, fast-paced business environments demand visibility and adaptability to help drive business growth. Adopting AI, IoT, AR, and Blockchain technologies has driven an empowered digital transformation. However, your digital strategy must be accompanied by adopting a modern ERP system that benefits the way products are developed, empowers supply chain capabilities, and improves the customer experience. 

Top 5 questions to ask when implementing a new ERP

Therefore, more organizations are wondering when to implement a new ERP system. After reviewing your business needs, you should consider the following areas to ask yourself if it’s time to implement a modern ERP system to improve your operations: 

  • Do we need to enhance the company’s efficiency? 
  • Can we still increase revenue? 
  • Do our clients want to offer an improved service? 
  • Is our company losing money in any area? 
  • Can we increase productivity and profitability? 

If your answer is “yes” to any previous question, it’s time to consider a new ERP implementation to work on those areas and many more. Are you still undecided about whether you should invest in this process? In that case, another essential question would be, “is my business operating efficiently and effectively?” If your answer is “not as I expect” or something similar, there’s another reason to help your company evolve with an ERP. It will help you manage your daily operations cost-effectively with a modern system that allows 360-degree visibility of your business while increasing profitability. 

Recommendations before implementing an ERP system

However, you have to be cautious with the time of implementation and the chosen partner to support you during this operation to avoid a failed execution. You may ease the implementation process at certain times, such as: 

1. Slow business cycle:  

You will have more internal team dedication through the implementation period when you have a slower business cycle. The fewer distractions and duties your employees have, the more focus they will have to understand the software and learn how it works. 

2. Phase-out the project:  

Don’t overload yourself with information. Complex projects are based phased out, and it will give your team the proper time to clarify anything throughout the process. 

3. Smaller organizations first

If your business operates under a parent company, it’s better to first start with the smaller organizations to learn about any issues before moving to larger ones.  

4. When possible, a well-defined implementation team

Your implementation partner will help you build your internal team for the project with defined roles and responsibilities to ensure a successful implementation. 

Although the right time to start your ERP implementation is not precise, some particular times, as mentioned above, are better to consider. Indeed, the best thing to do is to stop postponing an upgrade that will elevate your business with a modern ERP that will bring efficient and effective operations (especially in this first period of 2022). If you have already decided to start now but have doubts regarding the proper ERP for your business, please read our blog, “5 tips for choosing the right ERP.” 

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