Comprehensive customer service operations for Acorn Health

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Communications Pangea | September 27, 2022 | Dynamics 365 | Customer Service | 2 min read

Acorn Health, a US-based treatment provider of applied behavior analysis therapy for children diagnosed with ASD, has engaged Pangea Consultants to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for their People Resource Center customer service operations in record time to support its strategic goals for internal actions with employees.

Our client Acorn Health used to carry out their operations with Smartsheet, a work management platform to organize their people resource tasks. However, as the support operations expanded and became more complex, Smartsheet’s functionalities became limited with overall performance constraints. Therefore, they decided to engage Pangea for a robust system that, within a single platform, will allow them to: 

  • Engage and interact with their employees at the right time and place 
  • Visualize updates of support cases and service issues, dashboards, reports, employee feedback, historical data, SLAs, and knowledge articles in one place 
  • Keep all the data safe and organized 
  • Provide an exceptional and enhanced employee service experience 
  • Gain visibility into the right data through Microsoft Teams 

With this implementation, Acorn Health has also experienced upgraded customer service operations for its employees. They now leverage a first-rate designed CS solution for its Human Resources department with seamless automation, including efficient Outlook integration, user management, case resolution, and quick filtering for specific cases. 

Acorn’s People Resource Center personnel needed a ticketing system solution with integrated functionalities to work together with the rest of the Microsoft 365 apps Acorn currently utilizes. Therefore, they can now manage internal employee cases for HR issues such as time off, holidays, permission requests, and more. That way, they leverage more seamless and organized operations to increase efficiency while focusing on their most relevant tasks, improving their employees’ well-being with quicker responses to their needs. 

Significant innovations for Acorn’s customer service operations 

In addition to benefiting remarkably from these innovations, our client harnesses a wide range of features and capabilities that Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides, including built-in intelligence, a faster, more personalized service, and adding value to every employee interaction. Additionally, Pangea’s expert consultants helped run a smooth integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams — apps they have previously been using. 

Furthermore, our expert consultants have guided Acorn Health’s team throughout the implementation process to prepare them for this successful go-live and leverage the endless benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Our team keeps supporting them in their operations to make the most of their business solution while delivering exceptional experiences to their employees.  

We are thrilled to have worked on this implementation with our client, having a remarkable working experience. Pangea’s team would like to extend our gratitude to Acorn Health’s Director of the People Resource Center, Hiral Patel, and IT Operations Director, Mike Krupey, alongside their hardworking team. Thanks to their disposition, time, and active learning, we could deliver life-changing results to our client’s organization while strengthening our solid relationship.

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