Microsoft Power Platform 2023 Wave 2 unveils new features

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Microsoft is set to revolutionize the digital landscape with its eagerly awaited Power Platform release plan for the second half 2023. Bursting with groundbreaking features, this release is poised to empower individuals and organizations with exceptional capabilities.

Key Highlights from the 2023 Release Wave 2

Scheduled from October 2023 to March 2024, the 2023 release wave 2 encompasses a range of products, including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. Microsoft’s Power Platform has consistently driven digital transformation by enabling users to analyze, automate, and act upon data to foster business growth.

  1. Power BI
  2. Power Apps
  3. Power Automate
  4. Power Virtual Agents

Power BI


Power BI aligns with Microsoft 365’s capabilities to enhance the creation journey, ensuring web consistency and smoothly integrating Power Query’s diagram view into Power BI Desktop. Collaborative teams can expect improved meeting and multitasking while organizations gain effortless maintenance and collaboration through GIT integration in their BI solutions.

Power BI highlights

Empower Every Individual:

  • Power BI simplifies data handling, utilizing familiar Office-like experiences and AI-driven insights across various platforms: Power BI Desktop, Power BI service, and mobile apps.
  • Enhanced integration of Power BI with Office streamlines data analysis initiation, allowing effortless exploration.
  • One-click access to analyze data tables from any source, coupled with features complementing Excel functionalities.

Boost Every Team:

  • Integration of Power BI into teams’ workflow to standardize data-informed decision-making.
  • Deep integration of Power BI with Office, delivering insights to Teams and Outlook, facilitating informed collaboration in meetings, channels, and chats.
  • Enterprise-scale objective tracking through Metrics and data-driven storytelling.

Empower Every Organization:

  • Comprehensive administration, governance, and industry-leading security through Power BI centralization.
  • IT gains full visibility and control over data assets.
  • Multi-faceted investments spanning trust, compliance, auditability, information quality, adoption, connectivity, self-service data preparation, big data, semantic models, and enterprise reporting.
  • And features.

Power Apps


Power Apps rapidly empowers financial institutions with world-class applications, even in the face of managing vast numbers of environments at scale. Collaboration reaches new heights with the introduction of co-authoring in the Canvas Studio. Multiple developers can now simultaneously work on a Canvas app, viewing real-time changes. This transformation optimizes development efficiency by eradicating the need for merging edits or navigating conflicting alterations.

Power Apps continues its evolution by introducing AI-assisted Copilot, a boon for developer productivity and a gateway to natural language capabilities for all users. Enhancements in collaborative experiences for users, along with improved deployment and governance support, guarantee widespread adoption of low-code solutions within organizations.

Power Apps highlights

  • Copilot Boosts Creativity: AI-driven Copilot accelerates app development, infusing AI into custom applications for insightful, data-driven decisions.
  • Simplified App Creation: User-friendly modern controls, responsive layouts, and collaboration tools enable swift and easy modern app construction.
  • Enterprise Empowerment: Makers and admins access seamless app expansion tools with fortified guardrails and quality assurance, ensuring enterprise-wide scalability
  • And features.

Power Automate


Amid the proliferation of modern technology, it’s astonishing that many financial institutions still rely on manual processes and paper-based workflows. This is where Power Automate emerges as a game-changer.

For instance, the manual process of verifying approved invoices can be transformed. By creating a comprehensive view of the Accounts Payable process, it’s possible to identify non-compliant approvals and trigger automated flags. Moreover, setting up automation tied to specific triggers filters out Purchase Orders lacking the required Purchase Requisition, ensuring compliance.

Power Automate Highlights

  • Streamlined Flow Creation: Power Automate prioritizes simplifying new flow creation.
  • Enhanced Automation: Natural language integration spans cloud and desktop flows, while improved process mining accelerates automation and authoring.
  • Unified Activity View: A consolidated view of activities ensures efficient management of large-scale work processes.
  • Comprehensive Notifications: Thorough notifications further streamline work management, enhancing overall productivity.
  • And features.

Power Virtual Agents


The spotlight is on Power Virtual Agents, boasting a series of General Availability features. Multi-lingual bot support, Generative Answers and Actions, Standalone IVR, IVR integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and fortified integration with the Conversational Language Understanding service are set to reshape customer interactions. Enhanced Enterprise Trust capabilities underscore Microsoft’s commitment to customer-focused innovation.

Power Virtual Agents highlights

Empowering Conversations with Power Virtual Agents:

  • Harness generative AI capabilities to empower your organization to develop AI-driven, multi-lingual, and multi-modality chatbots.
  • Engage users on various topics through text, voice, and rich media interactions.

Simplified Bot Creation

  • Traditionally, complex bot creation becomes accessible to all without coding.
  • Utilize generative AI and a user-friendly graphical interface for bot development.
  • Eliminate the need for AI experts, data scientists, or extensive development teams.

Enhanced User Interaction:

  • Bots crafted with Power Virtual Agents can ask clarifying questions and provide responses in text, cards, rich media, and even voice.
  • Seamlessly interact with users, tackle routine queries, automate tasks, and boost customer and employee experiences.

Integrated AI Capabilities:

  • Leverage Microsoft Bot Framework features for advanced bot sophistication.
  • Automate tasks through AI by integrating tenant APIs and Power Automate Flows.
  • Identify and execute relevant actions based on user requests, prompting additional information when needed.

Multi-Channel Support:

  • Extend your bot’s reach across diverse channels, including websites, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook.

Copilot and AI Innovation for Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents continues its AI-driven journey to deliver intelligent, contextually apt responses to user issues. In the upcoming 2023 release wave 2, they are dedicating substantial efforts to the latest breakthroughs in natural language understanding (NLU) and large-language model (LLM) AI technology.

This wave introduces compelling additions that enhance bot creation, iteration speed, and versatility across diverse chatbot scenarios.

Generative Answers Capability:

  • Empower bots to provide comprehensive responses by tapping into existing internal and external sources.
  • Utilize AI to generate conversational answers, eliminating the need to create specific topics manually.
  • Effortlessly address a wide array of user queries without exhaustive topic preparation.

Expanded Data Sources:

  • Incorporate content from SharePoint sites and Microsoft Dataverse as sources for bot responses.
  • Ensures bot-generated answers draw from information accessible to the bot user, enhancing relevance and accuracy.

And more..features here.

The 2023 release wave 2 marks a pivotal moment for Microsoft, propelling the boundaries of digital transformation. With this Release Wave, businesses and individuals can harness technology’s potential to elevate their aspirations. Brace yourself for a forthcoming revolution that will reshape the digital landscape!

Download the 2023 release wave 2 PDF here.
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