Sakata Seed Boosts Operational Efficiency with Dynamics 365 and Pangea LATAM Localizations

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Communications Pangea | August 22, 2023 | Dynamics 365 | Finance | Localizations | 4 min read

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Sakata Seed, a leading worldwide provider of high-quality seeds for vegetables and plants, has recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) in its processes across Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Working with their US Partner, Real Dynamics, Pangea Consultants was chosen as Sakata’s Latin American Implementation partner due to Pangea’s extensive knowledge of the LATAM localizations and requirements. With the primary goal of standardizing Sakata Seed’s operations on Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and enhancing operational efficiency, Sakata Seed now has a global solution that leverages existing knowledge and is primed for further growth.

Pangea, a partner in Dynamics 365 implementation and localizations

The implementation process of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sakata Seed Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica started on September 7, 2022. Later on, the system officially went live on April 10, 2023. During this period, the Sakata Seed, Real Dynamics, and Pangea Consultants teams worked closely to ensure a smooth transition and seamless solution integration. This led to completing the implementation in less than one year for a large-scale project like this.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, users of Sakata Seed in Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica can use a unified system that aligns with Sakata Seed America Inc’s standards and processes. This harmonization eliminates complexities associated with different methods. This allows better communication, collaboration, seamless intercompany transactions, and data consistency across their operations.

The implementation journey for Sakata Seed was carried out following the “Success by Design” methodology. This methodology aligns technology implementation with business objectives and best practices. It emphasizes stakeholder collaboration, meticulous planning, and continuous improvement throughout the implementation process, ensuring the solution’s effectiveness and successful deployment.

The “Success by Design” methodology applied in Sakata Seed’s implementation journey provided a structured approach to ensure the solution aligned with their business goals. By following this methodology, Sakata Seed was able to leverage the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, making its operations more efficient, data-driven, and scalable.

Complying with the legal and tax aspects of each country

Moreover, implementing Pangea’s localization solution for Guatemala and Microsoft’s out-of-the-box localization for Mexico allows Sakata Seed to comply with specific legal and tax requirements in these countries. This process permitted third-party integration for electronic invoicing with COFIDI for Guatemala localization.

Additionally, these locations allow for a unified end-user experience integrated into Dynamics 365 Finance, general ledger and balance sheet, journal, purchase ledger, and sales ledger reports, among other functions.

These localization capabilities ensure that the company fully complies with local regulations, enhancing transparency and facilitating seamless business operations.

Finance and Supply chain process improvements

Sakata Seed has harnessed the power of Dynamics 365 F&O to implement robust finance solutions tailored to their specific needs. With the General Ledger functionality, Sakata Seeds can efficiently manage financial transactions, track expenses, and generate accurate financial reports.

The integration of Accounts Payable streamlines the payment process, ensuring timely and accurate vendor payments while maintaining strict financial controls. The Expense Management module also provides an intuitive platform for employees to submit and track expenses, enabling seamless reimbursement processes and real-time visibility into expenditures.

These finance solutions within Dynamics 365 empower Sakata Seed to effectively manage its financial operations, enhance transparency, and drive informed decision-making.

Integrating the supply chain management system within Microsoft Dynamics 365 significantly improves Sakata Seed’s efficiency in managing intercompany transactions. The streamlined processes enable them to optimize inventory movements, ensuring products are delivered to suitable locations at the right time. Furthermore, effective lot management and inventory control improve traceability and accuracy in managing stock levels.

By centralizing and automating supply chain processes, Sakata Seed can streamline its inventory management, monitor stock levels accurately, and optimize its overall logistics operations. This translates into improved customer service, reduced lead times, and better inventory control throughout their distribution network.

An implementation that leads to process improvements

Sakata Seed’s successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Pangea Consultants Localizations across their operations in Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica marks a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey. This integration positions Sakata Seed for future growth, improved productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

For Pangea Consultants, it was an honor to work hand in hand with Sakata Seed and Real Dynamics, helping support the company’s growth and its processes’ improvement. We hope to continue doing it and keep being part of their future projects.

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About Sakata Seed

Sakata Seed is a global provider of high-quality vegetable and plant seeds. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Sakata Seed has delivered exceptional products to farmers and growers worldwide for several decades. Their dedication to quality and continuous improvement has established them as a trusted brand in the industry.

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