Successful Dynamics 365 implementation for Lean Group

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Communications Pangea | June 01, 2022 | Dynamics 365 | Implementation | 2 min read

Lean Solutions Group (LSG), the nearshore human resources service provider operating in the USA and Colombia, has chosen Pangea Consultants for a Dynamics 365 implementation with a multi-entity robust financial system: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and Pangea’s Colombian Localization.

Successful D365 Finance implementation for Lean Group

LSG has experienced significant growth once it shifted from its former limited legacy Sorttime payroll software to a robust ERP that exceeded its goals cost-effectively. LSG now achieved 360-degree visibility, allowing them greater control of their operations and confident decision-making. 

With LSG’s large number of duties supporting other companies’ operations, the accounting process was not an easy task due to the limitations of their previous accounting software. Therefore, they realized their need to automate their processes, replacing disparate systems, manual tasks with Excel, metrics, and the lack of in-depth financial reports. 

Pangea Consultants was tasked to implement Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management modules, which now facilitate: 


Purchase order


Product receipt

Fixed asset management, and much more.

Additionally, Pangea’s Colombian Localization, embedded within the Dynamics 365 Finance solution, helps simplify local statutory tax regulations and facilitate the creation of state-mandated reports with the quick generation of:

  • Billing resolution
  • ISIC activities
  • Invoice issuance purposes
  • .xml files with the DIAN standards
  • Tax rates calculation
  • Withholdings taxes calculation

Localization for<br>Colombian fiscal regulations 1

Pangea’s expert team dedicated time to understanding the needs of Lean Solutions Group’s industry and analyzing their internal processes to present a solution that would allow LSG to achieve their objectives and lead them through a successful implementation. Our consultants provided a 2-week training before the official go-live of the solution on May 2nd in order to ensure a complete understanding of the ERP, which bolstered a successful go-live.

“Working with PANGEA has been amazing, they have a great knowledge and vocation to serve.”

Yesica Alejandra Rodriguez Gordillo

Lean Group Project Manager Dynamics

Pangea’s team is delighted to accompany Lean Solutions Group in its digital transformation process and witness their efficient and cost-effective operations across the whole organization. The partnership with LSG does not end here. We continue working together in the next phase of another Dynamics 365 implementation: a Human Resources solution, as well as the integration with the US legal entity and much more.

Contact us to start your business evolution now with Microsoft Dynamics 365 business apps. Get Pangea’s LATAM localizations in the Microsoft AppSource and facilitate your legal operations.
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