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Powerful Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Update

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According to the Dynamics 365 update of October 1st, 2019, Microsoft split Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations into two separate licenses: Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Combined, both have the exact same functionality as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

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Here are some of what I consider the most powerful Microsoft updates for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management:

Inventory on hand service

This update will allow users to access on-hand inventory information in real-time. Utilizing a micro-service that facilitates integration with third-party’s systems. Inventory on-hand service enhances response and reduces the performance impact on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

This part represented 50% of the final score. Microsoft Power BI got the highest average score: 4.60, proving that its platform excels in every aspect and provides all the necessary features in an easy, familiar way.

Dynamics 365 Asset Management

This is a big one that many clients have requested. Through this Dynamics 365 update, users will now have a robust asset management tool fully embedded in D365 Supply Chain Management (SCM). Maintain your equipment, issue work orders, purchase items or reduce on-hand stock. Limit risks by automating managing maintenance in workflows. Visualize production performance that allows customers to plan in advance. Asset Management provides helpful insights that assist in decision making while displaying a complete overview of item consumption on assets and financial information regarding cost control, locations, faults, work hours, orders, etc.

Auto-release shipment for cross-dock

Create a shipment and cross-dock work by automatically releasing sales orders to the warehouse. Setup the cross-dock template to opportunistic, and when the user completes the report on a mobile device, the system will be enabled.

Hazardous materials product information management and shipping documentation

Companies that handle hazardous goods must deliver additional information about their products, such as a CAS number. This information includes regulations for shipping and handling, item description, an enhanced bill of lading, CMR document, multimodal dangerous items document, packing list, and Verified Gross Mass document.

Calculate PO delivery date based on lead times and working days (public sector)

Track vendor compliance through reports based on original proposals and commitments. Automatically calculate the delivery date on the resulting purchase order when the vendor submits a lead time on an RFQ.

Self-billing invoice control procurement and sales

Trade partners will be able to pay and receive payment for goods accordingly to trade terms such as the receipt of the product. That avoids sending a specific invoice document. They will have a reconciliation process to deal with exceptions.

Purchase agreement enhancements

Identify the employees responsible for purchase agreements’ maintenance. Closed agreements can be marked as no longer actively used, and users won’t be able to release orders from the purchase agreement. Users can determine an invoice matching policy for purchase orders released from a purchase agreement.

Zone threshold replenishment

Zone-based replenishment uses a min/max replenishment strategy that evaluates warehouse zones instead of individual locations. This allows replenishment in dynamic locations. The Dynamics 365 update specifies if the threshold should be evaluated per location or per zone to set up a minimum inventory that triggers a replenishment work order for specific items.

Quality management for warehouse processes – item sampling

Create a quality order with quality associations upon the receipt of inbound inventory and manage the criteria in how each item is set up (per load, shipment, or order). When a quality order is created, the work to move the inventory from the received dock to the quality location is enabled. The inventory won’t be able to move until the quality order is processed and completed.

Outbound sorting

Sort packed containers accordingly to a pallet after the packing station to build a packing hierarchy. The worker can choose the pallet category a packed container should be put in, the maximum number of containers, and how many pallets are needed for each situation. Also, the user must provide a packing policy and a sorting location profile. Together, this feature creates flexibility in managing containers.

Inbound quality check

Quickly performed quality checks when receiving to the inbound dock area. This Dynamics 365 update assists you in evaluating if products are faulty before you stock them in the inventory. The faulty inventory is moved to the quality check location. To address inventory as faulty, you must reject the scanned license plate.

Put to wall/Put to store

This Dynamics 365 update allows numerous put positions that cluster picking. The put-to-wall workflow directs products to a sorting location to distribute in various containers; the picked products are sorted depending on quantity, destination, shipment, or load. The sorting also goes according to the warehouse management setup.

Packing vs. storage dimensions

The new field, Physical Dimensions, allows tracking specific processes such as:

  • Storage: Determine how many items can be stored in a warehouse.
  • Packing: Determine how many items can fit into different container types.
  • Nested packing: Utilize this dimension to track packing processes that need multiple levels.

Flexible warehouse-level dimension reservation

Keep the optimization-focused method for picking batch-tracked products for daily operations while setting overrides based on customer requirements. Allow employees to take sales orders accordingly to the customer’s request to re-order a specific batch number.

Planning Optimization for distribution

Build a hyper-scalable multitenant service that allows multiple tenants to cooperate to calculate a plan simultaneously. Also, the planning service will eliminate the load of master planning and work with a data stream that diminishes server load.

Warehouse slotting

Replenish Picking locations before releasing orders to the warehouse. After identifying the demand, the slotting process will assign them to pick locations. The second part of this feature will allow linking to any incomplete replenishment work.

Material handling/warehouse automation

Outbound warehouse events subscriptions (work creation, cancellation, completion), and track them using a queue that can be configurated up to 10 lines of specific records. Execute work one line at a time while supporting pick and location override.

RFQ activities

This Dynamics 365 update allows the user to assign tasks, appointments, and events (to develop in RFQ documents) to other users. This capability facilitates user collaboration.

Advanced transportation planning

To enhance transportation planning processes, allow several loads to be grouped into a single trip. If multiple legs are required for the transportation process, one trip can be created with three loads. Each load can be tracked individually, and the trip can consolidate all the journey’s data.

RF dynamic load building

Create loads using the RF scanner in the WMA mobile app.

There are many more updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that you may find interesting and surprising in the second release wave, which is being launched from October 2019 to March 2020 for Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

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I hope this article sheds some light on the new updates Microsoft is bringing for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and provides insight into what to expect from these new changes.

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