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Bilingual professional in systems engineering, industrial, administrative, statistician, economist, or related careers with knowledge and experience in the direction and management of business intelligence.

This individual will work closely with operations and support functional teams to ensure the that process improvements, data integrity, systems and product and service cost requirements

In this role, you will  and provide support of business processes and needs.


  • Build and maintain relationships with clients while identifying, seeking, and closing business opportunities.
  • Develop a complete understanding of the capabilities, benefits, and competitive advantages of the technology and service offering.
  • Lead a team while working with clients on report development, delivery and management, analytical innovation, artificial intelligence modeling, and solution design.
  • Plan and organize the systematic collection of quality, valuable and relevant data and information for the customer’s environment.
  • Advise clients in using the best data management practices for the optimization and improvement of reports and dashboards.
  • Supervise activities of contractors and suppliers in charge of the design of relational and non-relational databases that support the applications of each business.
  • Transform data into reports, dashboards, and conclusions to contribute to making the best decisions for the company and customers.
  • Direct the data quality analysis process, taking into account the client’s information security policies.
  • Work together with software developers, consultants, and other departments to understand the requirements and needs for managing and exploiting the data and information requested by customers.
  • Offer recommendations and analysis on course correction and the magnitude of trade problems.
  • Implement sustainable business and technology improvement plans to execute the analysis strategy.
  • Work in a dynamic environment with multiple simultaneous projects using creativity, flexibility, and organizational skills.
  • Development of programs to improve business analysis capabilities through data-driven strategies.
  • Identify and implement best-in-class technology to empower the business with advanced analytics, data engineering, data science, and statistical analysis.

Skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge of data structure, database design, SQL-Server data warehouse, analytical and business intelligence tools, and data integration methods.
  • Ability to interpret data to understand trends and gain meaningful customer insight.
  • Ability to create illustrative presentations to explain complex problems thoroughly.
  • Minimum 10 years in Analytics, Business Intelligence, and/or Statistics. Experience in customer management
  • Minimum 5 years in a direct leadership role.
  • Ability to lead through ambiguity and complexity to take calculated risks to solve problems, forge new paths for growth, and achieve challenging goals.
  • Advanced English level B2-C1
  • Communication and persuasion
  • Team management
  • Experience in some combination of SQL, Tibco Spotfire, Jira, R, Powershell, and/or Python.
  • Knowledge in ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading).
  • Expert management in business intelligence projects.
  • Knowledge and experience in visual tools such as visual basic, java
  • Knowledge of ERP and CRM systems
  • Concepts of business objects.
  • Preferably with knowledge of qlickview / qliksense and Power BI.
  • Experience in database migrations
  • Knowledge of data modeling best practices and optimized data visualization.
  • Leadership
  • Customer Support
  • Consulting





Friendly work environment

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