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Viva Sales: Enrich your CRM and streamline your selling experience

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In our previous blogs, we have discussed the powerful sales management system capabilities and a comparison of Dynamics 365 Sales vs. Dynamics 365 Marketing, plus how beneficial they are when combined. Today we’re announcing Microsoft’s AI-powered automation tool, Viva Sales. An innovative seller experience app that integrates any CRM, Office 365, and Teams, eliminating manual data entry and allowing you to focus on what’s most important: supercharge your CRM.

We all know how much the hybrid world has changed recently. Our work practices are now focused on technology – especially for sellers’ work environment, namely different communication channels with customers to close deals. Meaning time-consuming data entry operations to update the CRM, which results in delayed sales, missed opportunities, or even worse, missed customers. In order to accomplish administrative tasks, close deals, and collaborate internally, sellers need to access their CRM system and several disparate apps and databases multiple times a day – leading to frequent disruptions that push sales further away.

Stop collecting. Start connecting.

Viva Sales comes in the way to drive increased revenue to your business, save a significant amount of time, and elevate the selling experience. Viva Sales fundamentally reinvents how you interact with the CRM. It automatically captures, organizes, and updates customer engagement (data and tasks) whenever you interact with them via chats, emails, or calls on Office 365 and Teams applications.

Think about it this way: you have reached a customer via Outlook as the first interaction, then chat on Teams, and afterward, you have a more personal communication through a video call while entering data manually on Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Just imagine the amount of data and insight you manually have to capture from every communication channel with each customer you’ve interacted with. And you haven’t made it into the CRM system yet.

With Viva Sales, you get automatic summaries of your conversations, allowing you to stay better prepared throughout a call with real-time conversation insights in Microsoft Teams.

And additionally, you’ll also get a list of action items of what was discussed at the end of a call, saving time and manual work drastically to follow up on the action items within a click, including:

  • The overall customer sentiment
  • Tracking of valuable conversation KPIs
  • A list of every customer interaction
  • Automatic up-to-date customer data
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This is how simple Viva Sales works for you to let you focus on your customers’ trust and loyalty:

Viva Sales for reenvisioned experiences

More personalized customer engagements and quicker closed deals. Viva Sales empowers salespeople with AI embedded, driving deals with recommendations and reminders to stay updated with customers. The idea is not to learn how a new sales system works but to reenvision and streamline the sales experience with the essential information whenever sellers need it. That way, it’ll be easier to deliver enhanced experiences with the productivity and collaboration apps that countless people use worldwide daily (Office 365 and Teams). 

Viva Sales will launch a preview this summer, with the official release later this year. Users of any CRM system will get a general API available to subscribe and integrate Microsoft’s new tool. As for current Dynamics 365 users, they will have the tool automatically integrated into their license at no additional cost. 

Thank you.

Be part of this new digital era. A simple shift like adopting Viva Sales will bring massive differences to your selling experience that won’t disappoint you or your customers.

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