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What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

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Customer experience is the perception customers have of their overall interactions with an organization, and customer service is part of customer experience. So, every customer service interaction is critical, as it contributes to building the entire customer experience.

We are seeing a rapid change in consumer behavior and customer expectations that need to be addressed quickly as well. However, it is essential to understand how people process experiences in order to comprehend customer experience.

Perceptions are formed based on three (3) elements:

1. Success: The degree to which customers can achieve their goals.

2. Effort: How easy or hard it is for the customer.

3. Emotion: How does it make the customer feel?

Technology can help hugely in supporting the mission of each element, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers just that.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

It is a business app within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem and one of the customer engagement applications created for CS Automation that provides a wide range of features and capabilities, including built-in intelligence, to deliver faster, more personalized service and add value to every interaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CS has been designed to support an omnichannel strategy by providing seamless, connected experiences across every channel and every customer interaction. No matter the customer touchpoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CS is the hub that allows connecting the dots to offer true and consistent effortless customer experiences:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CS, along with the omnichannel Add-on, support channels like:


Chat is an engagement channel that enables your agents to connect with customers in real time.


SMS is an engagement channel that supports the asynchronous mode of communication and allows your organization to connect to customers by using text messages.


With the voice channel, Omnichannel for Customer Service provides agents with the ability to receive and make public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls through a native calling experience in Dynamics 365. Real-time AI-powered features such as live call transcription, sentiment analysis, and AI-based suggestions to boost agent productivity.

Social channels

Social channels such as Facebook, LINE, Twitter, and WeChat give you an incredible opportunity to capitalize on the social media trend and engage with your customers in a seamless and personalized experience. In addition to popular social channels, you can create your own custom messaging channel.


Email is an engagement channel that supports the asynchronous mode of communication and allows your organization to connect to customers by using traditional email communication.

Web Portal

A website to give customers immediate and direct access to the right content at the right time.

Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams as an engagement channel to support internal functions —technical support, human resources, and finance— allows organizations to connect their employees with internal support personnel by using the Omnichannel Add-in for Dynamics 365 CS.

This all-in-one contact center solution simply provides exceptional customer experiences across every channel and transforms CS operations as it supports seamless experiences for both customers and employees.

Benefits for the CS Team

  • Customer Service Representatives (CSR) will have a 360-degree view of the customer’s profile, including previous interactions, conversation summary, support history, and recent cases, among other data. All in one place and at-a-glance.
  • AI-powered suggestions that use real-time context cues to recommend similar knowledge articles or cases and reference those resources to resolve customers’ issues quickly and understand customer interactions in real time using sentiment analysis and translation.
  • A multi-session experience that allows Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to work across multiple open cases without losing context or work in progress.
  • Solid cross-team collaboration by using Microsoft Teams embedded into the application.
  • Optimized operations by using AI-powered reports and insights to detect emerging trends and automation opportunities as well as provide visibility into how agents and support topics are affecting KPIs.

In summary, we recommend focusing on reducing customer effort and making your customers feel unique. Dynamics 365 Customer Service will enable you to minimize the work customers must do to solve their issues and arm CS Representatives (CSR) to address the emotional side of customer interactions.

If you would like to master customer experience and customer service, contact us, and we will be excited to help you.

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