A unified, automated, multi-entity solution for Inter Miami CF

Inter Miami CF

Products and Services:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central



Organization size:

Privately held (51-200 employees)


The United States of America

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In record time, Pangea implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF, delivering a powerful ERP with an audit trail to process several transactions and manage multiple legal entities, helping a fast-growing organization achieve its goals in two months.

A unified, automated, multi-entity solution for Inter Miami CF

Inter Miami CF Case Study

A system that fits

The client went from having an accounting system aimed at small companies to have a proper ERP capable of managing their day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively. Before Dynamics 365 Business Central, reports, payments, and invoices required a fair amount of manual work, and now this work has been significantly reduced.

Facilitate traceability 

Before the implementation, the traceability of the accounting processes was not an easy task due to the limitations of their previous accounting software. With Business Central, they can trace the accounting processes more efficiently, helping internal and external 
audit processes.

Designed bank reconciliation process

Pangea designed and implemented a bank reconciliation process where bank statements automatically match the revenue generated per sold ticket. The reconciled transactions create a general journal in Dynamics 365 Business Central with the bank deposit allowing to generate accurate reports of their ticket revenue. 

Reduced manual entry

Now, with the Account Schedules functionality, they can create automatic reports that can be exported in multiple formats. Additionally, Business Central allows them to create multiple budgets that can be uploaded to the Account Schedules to be compared side by side.

Centralized financial operations 

All charts of accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank accounts, vendors, and more were integrated into a single system to unify all financial operations and ease transactions.

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Key benefits

Cost-effective fixed asset management 

Traceability across the organization 

Centralized financial operations

Powerful Power BI metrics

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