Improved community services for Miami Parking Authority

Miami Parking Authority 

Products and Services:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP  



Organization size:

Government Agency (51-200 employees) 


The United States of America

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Pangea built and implemented a fully integrated parking and facility management solution for Miami Parking Authority, including Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, saving around 160 work hours per week of manpower while improving reporting with deeper visibility into parking operations, community services, and performance.

Miami Parking Authority - ERP COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE

Miami Parking Authority Case Study

Disconnected technology, inefficient processes

Miami Parking Authority realized disconnected, outdated technology was holding them back from fulfilling their mission. To provide a more convenient way to sell and purchase short-term and long-term parking, decals, and permits, they proactively implemented a custom-built e-commerce system years ago. They currently lead the US in pay-by-phone adoption, with over 70% of on-street transactions done through the mobile app.

However, back-office operations were managed in an outdated JD Edwards financial system and several independent applications, including Point of Sale (POS), GIS, Revenue Control, and Document Management. None of the systems could talk to each other or the e-commerce system, causing serious problems for both staff and customers.

Fully integrated parking and facility management


Miami Parking Authority created a list of requirements and went through a formal request for the proposal procurement process. They performed thorough market research and had conversations with several major players in the ERP market. It was important the vendor they choose could integrate ERP and e-commerce, something not all can do.

After evaluating all the proposals, Pangea was selected to help Miami Parking Authority build and implement a fully integrated parking and facility management solution, including: 

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP 
  • SANA E-Commerce 
  • Integrations with POS, GIS, and Revenue Control applications 

After the contract was in place, Pangea spent much time with each department to determine how they worked and create improvements.

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Efficient community services for the city of Miami 

With a full implementation planned for March 2018, Miami Parking Authority looks forward to sharing the many benefits with their customers. 

Key benefits

Save on average 160 hours per week of manpower 

Timely requisition and expense approvals and processing

Reduced in-person visits to customer service office


“When evaluating partners, Pangea spends much more time evaluating our needs than other vendors. This allowed them to have a better understanding of the project scope than their competitors and ultimately spend less time on deployment.”

Henry Espinosa – Director of Information Technology at Miami Parking Authority

Improved community services for Miami Parking Authority 1

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